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Playing Spades Strategy

Playing out the cards in the right manner is all up to the total bids made.

If the sum of all bids is lower than 11 so you need to bag your opponents. Get rid of your higher cards that you didn't count a bid for as soon as possible. Lead your short suit first. This allows you to trow off sooner and gives you the control of taking a trick or not. Take tricks only with cards that you counted the trick for.

Is the sum of bid higher than 12 there are not (m)any bags in the game. Lead your short suit first so you can start spading quickly. Avoid leading suits your opponents are out of.

With a bid of 11 or 12 it is wise to take your tricks early in the game. Like this your opponents will struggle in the end to make their bid. Wait in the first few tricks to see if you want to set or to bag your opponents. Once you know what is your goal you can play like in the above two strategies.

Spades Tips

Here a few spades tips one should stick to:

♠  Lead your short suits first. This gives you control to take or not take tricks later.
♠  Never lead a King if the Ace hasn't been played
♠  Get rid of your middle cards (8's, 9's, 10's) when the highest card in a suit is played.
♠  Avoid leading the very last card of a non-Spade suit.

Playing a NIL

When playing a NIL just always throw in the higest card you can without taking the trick. When trowing off try to trow of high cards of your shorter suits before throwing off on your longer suits. Save the non-spade 2s for later play. they will never take a trick so they are important for the last few tricks.
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